Pikup is a satire and social commentary I created around the current state of the app based dating scene.

The premise of Pikup is to be a tool which helps people craft the most "perfect" Pikup line that they can muster.

To begin, the user can click on their starting phrase to switch between a bunch of very appealing options such as "I just wanna let you know..." and "You know you're in love when...".


Next, the user can either swipe up or down to a random word using the cursor or arrow keys. Swiping up approves the presented word, while swiping down brings up a new fresh word. Part of the satire is that the Pikup line is constructed of only these random words which are presented to the user in the same sense as how actual pickup lines are randomly presented in order to coax another person.


Swipe culture in modern UI is also a key consideration in my concept. Applications and websites toss around this idea of digital impermanence, and that what someone does online is fast, temporary, and will ultimately disappear. In order to subvert this assumption, when a Pikup user goes to press "send", it translates their Pikup line right into the body of a Tweet, insinuating that the whole world can potentially see what you say to others online.

You can make your perfect pikup line here

(use Chrome for best results)


By the time the message is at the last line, it finally does not appear pixelated, but it barely legible instead. There is no backspace key, and everything you type is there to stay unless it is preceded by more lines. This interaction is based off of the principles of the typewriter.