When observing the state of the sex product industry, what kinds of brand personalities do we witness?

Much of the market is driven by hyper-masculine focused brands which are not catered to the needs of everyone. Fux is a sex-positive brand meant to close the gap between a conscious consumer and sexual health products.

fux wrapper mockup.jpg

The naming comes from the profane term, but is decontextualized in order to bring new meaning. This is meant to destigmatize the term in a clever way, the same way the brand aims to destigmatize sex. 

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However, fux also exists to enact change. While you fux, you can give a fux too. Different packaging variations allow the purchaser to support a cause they feel intimate with.

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An online experience serves as a guide on making a change. Customers can send a fux to someone they love, or buy for themselves.

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A line of product extensions tie into the core sex-positive message of the brand in a fun and engaging way.

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Through a series of activations, the brand's personality can ignite. From ideas like vending machines that allow you to mail a condom to any address after a purchase, to one-way glass hotel rooms placed in some of the most public of spaces.